Founded in Dublin, Ireland in March 2022. Knightsleep has a mission is to help the world sleep better and improve well being by providing quality and innovative sleep, health and well being products and services.


Suffering from chronic insomnia, Founder Dave Saunders noticed there is a need for a  Sleep, Health and Well Being marketplace for people to shop for all their needs in one place. As all categories are interlinked, he created Knightsleep as a platform housing products and services which improve quality of life.

Knightsleep is built around trustworthiness, honesty and science which means we will continually strive to bring you the best available tools to meet your needs. Our values allow us to be confident knowing we are doing our best to help people who want to improve their health. This industry will evolve in the future and our promise to you is to have the latest information to hand in order to bring you a superior customer service experience. 

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If you have sleep problems, want to improve your sleep and health or simply give a gift to a loved one, we are here to help. Come join us. Subscribe to learn more from helpful tips and tricks. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.