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    Sleep & Bedroom Essentials Health & Lifestyle Blue Light Blockers At Home Health Testing Red Light Therapy Technology & Discounts Supplements Sleep Tracking Introducing SleepSpace Sleep Tracking Better Sleep And Health With Knightsleep Shop Now Weighted Blankets -10% Off Gravity Blanket Sleep Better Knightsleep Dublin Weighted Blanket Knightsleep Dublin Gravity Blanket Sleep Better Knightsleep Dublin Weighted Blanket Knightsleep Dublin gravity weighted blanket Knightsleep Dublin Weighted Blanket Knightsleep Dublin Gravity Blanket Sleep Better Knightsleep Dublin Weighted Blanket Knightsleep Dublin 1/3 Shop Now Improve Sleep Solutions Combating Insomnia, Sleep Problems and Stress Health Care Solutions Industry Leading Health Products Delivery To Europe We Deliver To Most Countries in Europe Discounts with Top Brands Discount Codes with Our Industry Leading Sleep & Health Partners Knightsleep Homepage Happy woman waking up after a good night sleep Knightsleep Homepage Happy woman waking up after a good night sleep 1/1 A link to Knightleep Blog Click Here For Our Latest Blog Posts Featuring Tips And Insight Christmas Bundle Quick View Luxury Essential Oil Diffuser +Calm Essential Oil Price €87.55 Tax Included Add to Cart Christmas Bundle Quick View Luxury Diffuser & Breathe Essential Oil Price €92.65 Tax Included Add to Cart Snore Solution Quick View Mute Anti Snoring Device Price From €24.99 Tax Included Add to Cart Best Seller Quick View Vivoo, 1 At-Home Urine Test & App Price From €8.55 Tax Included Add to Cart Christmas Bundle Quick View Luxury Essential Oil Diffuser +Calm Essential Oil Price €87.55 Tax Included Add to Cart Christmas Bundle Quick View Luxury Diffuser & Breathe Essential Oil Price €92.65 Tax Included Add to Cart Snore Solution Quick View Mute Anti Snoring Device Price From €24.99 Tax Included Add to Cart Best Seller Quick View Vivoo, 1 At-Home Urine Test & App Price From €8.55 Tax Included Add to Cart For Our Full Range of Products Click Here Our Story and Mission Our mission is to help people sleep better and improve health. We take a rounded approach to overcoming sleeping problems coupled with a cutting edge health product range to support a balanced lifestyle. We do this by supplying Superior products proven to work. Join us in our challenge to Live a healthy and happy life READ MORE Join our mailing list and be the first to receive newsletters, offers and discounts Email Subscribe Thanks for subscribing!

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    Sleep Consultant Gentle Sleep Training Book a free 15 minute consultation When your child is not sleeping, it can have a huge impact on the well-being of your child, yourself and the rest of your family. The exhausting bed times, sleepless nights and the inability to switch off thinking about when they will wake up next. It's all consuming, emotional and draining , but it can get better. Book a free 15 minute call to discuss how we can help you get better in a matter of nights As Featured In Based on 137 Reviews HOW OUR SLEEP CONSULTANTS CAN HELP YOU We specialise in designing gentle sleep training programmes specific to your family and lifestyle for children from 5 months up to 4 years old. We do not believe in, or use, the “crying it out” method. It’s important to us that everyone is able to make positive changes to their baby or toddler’s sleep so we have created a range of support options depending on your needs and budget. We offer free 15-minute consultations to discuss the one-to-one coaching – book now. You may prefer our age-specific online sleep training courses, priced at only €45 – which allow you to achieve your sleep goals at your own pace. One to One Packages Online Courses Meet The Team One of the best sleep consultants in Ireland, we are a family-owned business helping families get the sleep they all deserve. Dani has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology covering infant development and Chris – born in Donegal and raised in Glasgow – is the only male infant sleep consultant in Ireland. More importantly though, we are simply Mummy and Daddy to our three amazing boys, Teddy, Rafferty and Malachy. To help with your child’s sleep routine, we spend time getting to know what your challenges are so we can develop a bespoke and gentle sleep training solution for your family. We will provide all the necessary support you need so that we can work together to ensure these are positive long-term changes. We have a team of gentle sleep consultants, including MaryAnn who is based in Dublin, trained in our gentle sleep training methods, who the same level of exceptional support. Meet the team here. Dani Chris Maryann WHAT IS SLEEP TRAINING? Sleep training is the process of helping your baby learn to fall asleep on their own – also known as “self-settling” – which will, in turn, help them fall back asleep when they wake during the night (unless they need something such as a cuddle, feeding or nappy change, or are a little poorly). For toddlers, this is often more about the process of setting boundaries around the sleep process as often toddlers know how to get to sleep on their own, they just like to refuse and protest against doing so! ​ Whilst most sleep consultants in Ireland will look at a child’s sleep holistically, i.e. daytime routine, sleep environment, stimulating activities and a bit of nutrition, sleep training is often a necessary part of changing a child’s sleep patterns, especially when an infant is unable to self-settle. So if your baby is unable to self-settle, sleep training will be the likely solution to changing this and improving the whole family’s sleep. We understand sleep training can be difficult; we understand it’s not something every parents wants to do and that’s why we practice gentle sleep training. We also understand there are different methods, a whole host of sleep consultants in Ireland and many conflicting literature – it can be a minefield for parents, especially ones who are sleep deprived. However, our view is that hiring the right sleep consultant with the right gentle sleep training approach can change your life in a way that you will never forget. So if you think you need help with sleep training, get in touch to discuss our 1:1 coaching programme or buy our online gentle sleep training course and start today.

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  • The Benefits of Relaxation: Why it's Important to Take Time For Yourself

    1. Introduction 2. How to relax 3. The benefits of relaxation for your health 4. Why you should find what works for you 5. Other ways to relax 6. Conclusion 1.Introduction Stress is a part of life – there’s no way around it. But that doesn’t mean that we have to let it take over our lives. Learning how to relax and take time for yourself is essential for managing stress and keeping it from becoming overwhelming. There are many different ways to relax, and what works for one person may not work for another. Some popular methods include yoga, meditation, and using essential oils. Others find relief in massage, acupressure, or simply taking a hot bath. No matter what method you choose, the important thing is that you make relaxation a priority in your life. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of relaxation and why it’s so important to take time for yourself. 2. How to relax We all know how it feels to be stressed out. Your heart races, your muscles tense up, and your mind feels like it's running a million miles a minute. But what can you do to relax? Here are a few tips on how to relax: - Take a deep breath. Breathing deeply can help to slow your heart rate and calm your nerves. Try breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds , holding for 7 seconds and breathing out through your mouth for 8 seconds, this will give you an instant calmness and allows you to gather your thoughts and concentrate on breathing. - Find a peaceful place. If you can, find a quiet place to sit or lie down, close your eyes and focus on your breath. - Do something you enjoy. Sometimes the best way to relax is to do something you enjoy, like reading, listening to music, or spending time with friends or family. -Get away from your devices. Our screen time is drastically affecting our mental health and there are studies showing the correlation between the amount of time we spend on our devices and depression. The evidence is clear, take some positive action and reduce the amount of screen time in your life and if that is not possible, try blocking out the blue light which is emitted from those screens. https://www.knightsleep.ie/ocushield The main point is there is no "one size fits all" approach and you must find what works for you and try to take a few moments each day to relax. It can make a world of difference in your overall stress levels, productivity and happiness. 3. The benefits of relaxation for your health We all know that stress is bad for our health. But what about relaxation as a way to combat stress? Is it really as beneficial as people say it is? It turns out that relaxation is indeed good for our health. It can help reduce stress levels, improve our mood, boost our immune system, and even help us live longer. So if you're looking for a way to improve your health, relaxation is a great place to start. Your body will thank you for it. Professors at Stanford University understand the importance of relaxation and even have a dedicated page for people to view here https://bewell.stanford.edu/relaxing-into-better-days/ 4. Why you should find what works for you Sometimes there is too much information out there and many conflicting views but the main thing to remember is that we are all so different and therefore respond in different ways to traditional methods of relaxation. For example, I found meditating frustrating and not fit for purpose because I tried it so many times and it never worked for me. It had the opposite effect. But, approaching it from a different mindset can be very beneficial as you start to see just how it can work for you or simply, how to make it work for you. Meditation is not only the usual thought - sitting on a beach with no one around and only the sound of the waves to sooth your senses! It is actually quite easy to relax in that environment but, we do not all have the luxury of living near the seaside or maybe don't even have the time to get there. Meditation can be anywhere, just taking time to yourself is what's important. Close your eyes if possible, if that's not possible then don't, just make sure to understand that you are not bulletproof when it comes to stress. It's all about balance in life, if you have stress in it (which we all do) then offset it and don't let it dominate and if you notice that you are not as happy as you should be, it could be stress that's causing it. 5. Other ways to relax At Knightsleep, we believe in trying anything to live healthier and feel better. Traditional methods are great but something that stood out to us when we were busy launching the company was a brilliant relaxation mat called Shakti. Some of it's benefits are listed below: Unlocks decompression and deep relaxation Assists circulation to wash away tension Resets a restless mind Experience deeper sleep Sense of wellbeing and calmness Thousands of spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles to support: Deep, restful sleep, healthy circulation, relaxation of tense muscles, mental clarity, and overall well-being. These benefits are accessible through the principles of acupressure, all within the comfort of your home. Lying on your back is the most popular way to use The Shakti Mat. It can be useful for improving quality of sleep, releasing tension in muscles and fascia, reducing stress. Your Feet are covered in pressure points making standing on The Shakti Mat a perfect way to achieve a deep acupressure effect. It can be useful for: supporting circulation to the legs and feet, rejuvenating tired and achy feet, providing reflexology treatment for the whole body. Many people carry tension in their neck and shoulders so targeting this area can be a great way to release tension fast. It can be useful for: supporting circulation, releasing tension, soothing the mind. We’re going to be honest, lying on sharp spikes can be a little intense at first, but your body is going to love you for it. First, you will experience a prickly discomfort that is tempting to resist. Once you push through, the sensations melt into a tingly warmth, known as the addictive “Shakti burn”. After 20 minutes it’s time for the real reward—the full-body sensation kicks in, tension washes away and you’re ready for deep sleep. Each Shakti Mat is handmade by a team of craftspeople. Shakti’s production is based on the principles of empowering individuals and creating financial independence-spreading wellbeing from craftsperson to customer. 6. Conclusion Looking after yourself is probably the most important tool in life. This is not always easy to achieve, but a valuable tool in order to life a good life. No one wants to be stressed all the time but sometimes stress dominates your life. It's vital that we recognize this and take corrective action as soon as possible. This being said, having a little stress in your life can actually improve your performance but there is a tipping point where it is too much to handle. The main take away from this blog post is that if you look after yourself. Showing up for yourself is as important as showing up for others. Recognition of what stresses you is really important. Take action, do something and try as much as you can until you find what helps you. This could take years to find out so be patient if you're not getting quick results. Once you find something that you like, stick with it and don't give up straight away as it takes time to form new habits. Once you have a good grasp of relaxation and how to achieve it, make it part of your routine. Take a look at some of our relaxation products which can be really beneficial in winding down and relaxing, especially before bed.

  • Optimize Your Sleep Schedule, Which Sleep Animal Are You?

    Sleep is one of the most important factors in our overall well being. It helps us to maintain a healthy weight, have a better mood, and be more productive. Basically, the better we sleep, the healthier we are. Sleep deprivation can cause many different health problems. Over time It can lead to the following: obesity diabetes high blood pressure. decreases your immune system response makes you more susceptible to catching colds or the flu can cause depression and mood disorders anger, frustration and feeling grumpy it can mean the difference of you showing up for yourself and others And it doesn't just affect adults either; it's been shown that children who don't sleep enough or are not getting the quality of sleep they need, are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety when they grow up. Many people don't realize how important sleep is for their health until they start having problems with it themselves or with their loved ones. Sleep is the foundation of good health and longevity. In our opinion, the quality of sleep you get is more important than quantity as we are all different and therefore, need different things. Moreover, the time you go to sleep at can play a crucial role in the quality of sleep you get and how refreshed you feel the next day. If you really want to get the foundation right, start by learning what type of sleep animal you are. You can take a chronotype quiz here https://thesleepdoctor.com/sleep-quizzes/chronotype-quiz/ This quiz will point you in the right direction for your ideal sleep and wake time. Once you have figured out which type you are, you can then work on fine tuning your sleep schedule to allow a rhythm to develop. This can be counter intuitive. From my own personal experience, sleeping between 6 to 7 hours per night from 10pm to roughly 4 or 5 am is not ideal for me. This wake up time leaves me feeling groggy and slightly confused the next day. By delaying this routine by 1-1.5 hours means my own particular optimum sleep time is roughly 11:30pm to 12:00 Midnight until 06:00 to 07:00 which results in less wake ups, more deep sleep, feeling energized with a better mood throughout the next day. This took me months to figure out but the more you understand that we all require a slightly modified approach, the better off you will be as there is no one size fits all when it comes to this subject, or most things for that matter! Trial and error are important but also, being aware that sometimes you need to stick with an approach a short time before it will have an effect is good to remember. Of course , there will be times when you need to adjust what is right for you and this is especially true for shift workers but the main thing is, whilst keeping to a routine is very healthy , having balance is equally as healthy and can be the difference in you achieving your goals. There is no point in being upset because your schedule is out of sync sometimes like when you go on holidays, just accept that it is the case, move on and re-correct it again when you are back in your normal routine. The Key Condensed Points to remember in order to optimize your sleep are as follows: Take the Chronotype Quiz https://thesleepdoctor.com/sleep-quizzes/chronotype-quiz/ Try to adapt your bedtime routine to match which type of sleep animal you are note any differences in mood and well being when trying different sleep schedules keep your new routine going until you're feeling confident in your sleep again but remember not to get upset when your routine is upset maintain a balanced outlook and if you need to adjust your sleep schedule due to holidays, etc.....that's ok , just correct it when you get home Watch Dr. Michael Breus give a Ted Talk on the importance of timing in your life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmbv7yZ2buE You can find the latest in Sleep & Health products here https://www.knightsleep.ie/shop-all Sign up, subscribe and earn loyalty points with us for the best discounts on top products.

  • The Best Pillow for You

    Which Pillow is the Best to Sleep with? A good pillow can be the difference between a night of peaceful sleep and a night of tossing and turning. With a pillow that is just right, you can sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed. Pillow choice is an important factor in the quality of sleep. A good pillow should provide support to the neck and head. It should also be firm enough to keep the body aligned and prevent it from sinking too deeply into it. Which Sleeping Position is Best? One of the best sleeping positions is on your side with a pillow or knee pillow between the knees. This position helps to keep the spine fully aligned while sleeping on your side, which is believed to relieve back pain, help blood flow, and reduce snoring. It’s important to note that there are some risks associated with certain sleeping positions. For example, if you have a heart condition or lung disease, sleeping on your back may not be the best option for you because it can make breathing more difficult. Which Pillow Supports the neck? Choosing the right pillow for your neck is a personal decision. However, there are some guidelines to help you choose the best one. The first thing you should do is to ask yourself what type of sleeper are you? If you sleep on your stomach or side, then a contoured pillow might be the best option for you. If you sleep on your back, then a flat pillow will work best for you. The next thing to consider is your height and weight. The size of the pillow should be proportional to your height and weight so that it fits well in the space between your head and shoulders. Finally, think about what material would make the most comfortable pillow for your neck? Memory foam pillows tend to be more expensive but provide better support than other materials like cotton but there is no price on a good night’s sleep! Which Pillow is Best for Me? There are a range of different pillow types available, depending on what you want from your pillow. If you prefer a soft and fluffy pillow then down pillows are perfect for you, but if you prefer something firmer then memory foam pillows may be more suitable. It is advisable to use a hypoallergenic material in case you have any reactions to certain types of material. It is all down to preference but, through my own experience and having dealt with neck pain for years we have found that the memory foam pillow is a winner when it comes to supporting your neck, if it is not supported correctly, you are more prone to waking up during the night and suffering pain the next day. Tell me about Memory Foam Pillows? Memory foam pillows are a good choice because they are designed to support the neck and head without putting pressure on the sensitive parts of the body. They also offer a comfortable feeling that is best for people who want to sleep on their backs or sides. Memory foam pillows can also be used as an alternative to those who have allergies and cannot use feathers, down, or polyester as fillers for their pillows. They are great for people who suffer from neck and back pain because they provide support in all the right places. Memory foam pillows are made of soft, but supportive material which moulds to the shape of your head and neck while you sleep. This ensures that you won't wake up with a stiff neck or sore back in the morning. Conclusion After reading this article, you should be able to better understand the importance of sleeping with the correct pillow and how you can help yourself choose the perfect one for you. Arming yourself with as much information as possible is always preferred but if you don’t have the time for that, then a simple and cost effective trial and error system will help you find what works but I will add that if you choose this method, one thing to bare in mind is that it can take a week or two of using a new pillow for you to see the effects. This is especially true with memory foam as it needs a few days at least before your neck to become accustomed to the new feel. As always , we hope this information is helpful to you and anything you do for your sleep will benefit your health and anything you do for your health will benefit your sleep! Click the link below to get 25% off our range of memory foam pillows.

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