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The SleepSpace Platform


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SleepSpace App

Go beyond tracking and upgrade your sleep health. SleepSpace is the only app that can adjust sounds and light based on your sleep stages to improve sleep. Simply place your phone on your nightstand or our patented SleepSpace Smart Bed to measure and improve your sleep. For increased accuracy, SleepSpace can integrate with devices like Apple Watch, Oura, Whoop, Sleep Number, Eight Sleep, Beddit, Garmin, and more.

Fall asleep faster with wind downs, nature sounds, breathing exercises, and the science of light and vibration. Get deeper, regenerative sleep with a smart sound machine designed to increase delta waves. Wake up refreshed in your lightest sleep cycle with our patented gentle wake alarm clock.

SleepSpace was validated as the most accurate Apple Watch sleep stage detection system with $3.5 million in grant awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

The most accurate sleep tracking — any way you like

SleepSpace makes sleep tracking seamless on and offline.

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Sleep programs with simple tasks to create healthy habits

Customized sleep programs based on proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and backed by more than $3.5 million in grant awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Choose a program tailored to fix your unique sleep challenges. Fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long.

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Simply click the link below to sign up and then download SleepSpace for either iPhone or Android.

• Tracks sleep with any smartphone (iOS or Android)
• Measures sleep quality and snoring
• Improves sleep with sound, light, & vibration
• Integrates with major wearables (Oura, Whoop, Apple Watch, and more)
• SleepSpace Smart Bed for next-level improvement 
• Smart alarm clock to awaken in a lighter sleep
• Circadian optimizer gives your energy peaks
• Personalized 6-week sleep improvement program
• Connect with live coaches for personalized insights

Cancel anytime in the first 30-Day free of charge.

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"If you get one sleep app in 2022, make it SleepSpace."